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Signing in to Lime Survey

Using Lime Survey to gather data can be a great resource to all University of Detroit Mercy Faculty/Staff/Administrators/Students. It’s a free, supported tool should UDM folks ever need assistance. Currently, we are working on additional tutorials to better assist folks with their Lime Survey needs. Until then, you may contact the Instructional Design Studio at: 313-578-0580 or to schedule an appointment to learn how to use Lime Survey. First you will “login” to Lime Survey by going to:

Adding user permissions in Lime Survey

There may come a time when you would like to share your survey with someone to help assist in the editing/data gathering process such as a colleague, assistant etc. To do so, you may want to give that user their own set of permissions to the survey. Permissions can be tailored to whatever you, the survey creator decides they need access to. More on that in a minute…   Once you are signed in, select the survey from the drop...