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Create and Edit Tests

Assessment helps faculty members evaluate student understanding of course material.  Tests in particular can provide a way of measuring student performance, and enhance the overall effectiveness of your course.  The Assessment section of your Blackboard course site in the Content area allows you to create three different types of student assessment: Test, Surveys, and Assignments. This tutorial will focus on the basics of test creation.  While tests are held in a Test Manager portion of your course site, individual tests...

Testing with Respondus LockDown Browser

What is it? Respondus LockDown Browser provides a more secure environment for online testing. LockDown Browser itself is a separate web browser (like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome) specifically geared toward taking online tests. When a student is ready to take an online test that uses LockDown Browser, they actually launch the LockDown Browser from their desktop instead of launching their usual browser of choice. LockDown Browser then fills the student’s screen (including any additional displays), open to Detroit Mercy’s...

Download Respondus Lockdown Browser

If you plan to use Respondus Lockdown Browser for testing in your Blackboard course site, students will need to download the Lockdown Browser prior to taking the test. Respondus LockDown Browser uses a standard Windows or Mac installer that can be downloaded by faculty or students from the following link (note: this link is unique to Detroit Mercy):

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