Share large files with OneDrive

OneDrive, the cloud-based file storage solution available to the UDM community as part of Office 365, makes it easy to share files and large documents with others, including files that would traditionally be too large to send through email.

To share a file via OneDrive, first log into Office365 by your preferred means. Locate the button that looks like a grid of nine tiles in the bar that runs across the top of Office 365. Click that to open the Office 365 apps menu, then choose OneDrive.

Depending on the width of your window, it will either appear in the top left:

launchOr toward the right, just inside the notifications icon:

appsClick the UPLOAD button near the top of the page, then choose FILES. Select the file you wish to upload and click OPEN. It may take a few minutes for the file to appear, so be patient.

upload-fileCongratulations! Your file is uploaded … you’re halfway there. Now to share the file.

Locate the sharing column on the right-hand side of the page. Click where it says ONLY ME to open the sharing window.

On the left side of the sharing window, click INVITE PEOPLE, then enter the UDM email address of the person you wish to share the file with on the top line. By default, share allows the person you’re sharing with the edit the uploaded file — this can be useful if you’re co-authoring a document. If you’d prefer the person you’re sharing with can only view the file, select VIEW instead.

Enter a message if you’d like in the message box, then click SHARE. The person you’re sharing with will be emailed notification that you’ve shared the file.