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Subscribe to Knowledge calendar

Blackboard Learn’s iCalendar feed has a refresh time of 4 hours. The support for refresh times varies across third party calendars. Google refreshes every few hours while Outlook respects the refresh time set by Blackboard, i.e., 4 hours. So if you set up a calendar on your iPhone and it doesn’t update immediately, DON’T PANIC. It may take as long as 4 hours for the calendar to update....

Group “My Courses” by Term

Starting in Term 1 2012-2013, students and faculty can group the courses that appear in the My Courses box by term. To turn this feature on, click the MANAGE MY COURSES button (the gear-icon on the right side of the MY COURSES box heading). This opens the PERSONALIZE: MY COURSES page. At the top of this page you will see a checkbox labeled “Group By Term”. Check this box and click SUBMIT at the top or bottom of the page...

Why is my course marked "unavailable"?

When course sites are created, they are unavailable to students by default. When a professor is ready for students to access a course site, they must make it available.

If you are a student and your course site is unavailable, contact your professor to find out when the site will be turned on.

If you are faculty and you aren’t sure how to make a course site available …...

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