Embedding Facebook videos

Facebook has been lauded as a new mainstream media outlet. If you find a Facebook video you’d like to share with your class, you can embed it into your Blackboard course site so your students don’t have to visit Facebook to view it.

A. Getting the embed code from Facebook

1. Click the down arrow menu in the upper right of the Facebook post and choose “</> Embed.”

Note: If Embed is not an option, click on the “video” or “live video” link at the top of the post to open a new page then try again. 

2. Determine if you want to include the entire post or just the video.  If you want to include the entire post, check the “Include full post” box in the upper right.

3. Click into the box starting with “<iframe>” to select all the text. Use Ctrl-C (Command-C on Mac) or right-click and choose “Copy.”

B. Adding the code to your course site

1. Open a content area go to the “Build Content” menu. Select the “Item” type.

2. Enter a name for the video.

3. In the Text box, click on the “HTML” button on the third row of the toolbar.

Note: If you only see one row of toolbar icons, click the “two down arrows” icon on the right side of the toolbar.

4. Paste the code using Ctrl-V (Command-V on Mac) or right-click “Paste.”

5. Submit the page.

That’s it! Your students will now be able to watch the video right from Blackboard.