Linking to Articles in UDM Subscription Databases

To fix a link so it works both on and off campus, you’ll need to start with the article’s on-campus address. Then, add the following text to the beginning of the database link:

This should work for links to any UDM database/e-book subscription with the exception of databases that require additional login information such as MeL, provided you start with an on campus address.


For clarity, I’m going to use a Sage Journals article to demonstrate.

On campus, the address of the article I want to link to is:

sage journal address

This url will work for folks on campus, but not for folks off campus. However, when we add the above to the start of the url, we get a link that will work whether you are on or off campus:


Note: If you get a 404 error or the link does not work, make sure there are no spaces in the link and that “http://” or “https://” appears immediately after the equals sign. If necessary, add “http://” to any link that doesn’t start with it already.