How do I print or download a test in Blackboard?

The answer is, its not very easy to do! That’s by design to help preserve the integrity of your online exams.

However, there are times when faculty may need to print a test for review, to provide paper version for a student, or any number of reasons. You may not be able to download or print a test very easily, BUT IDS CAN HELP! If a test is in Blackboard, currently you have to manually copy/paste each question or copy the whole test, getting a bunch of extra content you didn’t want or need in the process. This can be very frustrating to re-format your entire test, not to mention time-consuming.

If you contact the Instructional Design Studio by phone at 313-578-0580 or email at, we can pull your test out of Blackboard, and into your hands via PDF, txt, or Word file. Printing is also available for you to pick up upon request. Please allow 24 (business) hours for this process to occur, but it may take less.