Copy Content From One Course Site to Another

When teaching multiple sections of the same course, you may find that you’ve added a significant amount of content to one section that you’d also like added to the other. Fortunately, Blackboard makes it fairly easy to copy content from one course to another. If you’re looking to copy a whole menu item, you could use the COURSE COPY tool to copy your content. But if you’re looking to move a folder or item that’s inside a menu item, there’s still a way to copy easily.

First, click the options button to the right of the name of the thing you want to copy (note: some item types, like tests and assignments, cannot be copied in this way). If you choose MOVE, the item you wish to copy will be deleted from the current course as part of the process.

copyNext, choose the course you wish to copy the item to from the DESTINATION COURSE pulldown list.

destination courseOn the DESTINATION FOLDER line, click the BROWSE button.

browseSelect the menu item or folder you want to copy the content into from the browse menu.

select folderIf you have the option to select yes or no for “Create links for items that cannot be copied,” that means that one or more items inside your folder may not be copied as part of this process. This generally includes items like course links (a link to the discussion board, say), and tests or assignments. If you select YES, then a link will be created back to the course you copied from. We strongly recommend leaving this at NO, then re-creating this linked content inside the new course.

Once you’ve finished with your selections, click SUBMIT to initiate the copy. Depending on the amount of content you’re copying, it may take a few minutes for the process to complete.