Tool Availability

The University of Detroit Mercy’s Blackboard course management system include a number of tools that may not be initially available inside a course site. If you are interested in using a Blackboard tool that is not available in your course, check to see if the tool is installed and just needs to be made available to use.

To make a tool available to use, go to CUSTOMIZATION under the Course Management heading.



tool-availabilityScroll down the list of installed tools. To make a tool available, check the box in the AVAILABLE column. If a tool may be added through a menu in a content area (similar to how discussion boards or journals may be added to a content area), you will be able to check a box in the AVAILABLE IN CONTENT AREA column as well. Note that “Guest” and “Observer” roles are disabled in UDM’s Blackboard, so checking these columns will have no effect on actual availability.