Lecture videos not loading?

Some folks have reported a sporadic issue with lecture videos not loading. The problem appears to be related to cached files on the browser and seems to be more common in Internet Explorer than other browsers. This issue can be resolved by clearing your cache (Temporary Internet Files, in Internet Explorer).

In Firefox

1. Right click in the black space where the video should appear. You should see a menu as in the image below. (If you see a different menu, move your pointer to the outer edge of the black space and right-click again). In the menu, point to THIS FRAME, the hold the SHIFT KEY on your keyboard and click RELOAD FRAME.


You should now be able to click the lecture link and view the lecture normally.

In Internet Explorer

1. Back out of the lecture video.
2. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of your browser, then select Internet Options

internetOptions3. In the Internet Options window, you should see the General tab selected by default. Under the Browsing History heading, click DELETE. This opens the Delete Browsing History window.

4. Select TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES and COOKIES AND WEBSITE DATA. You may uncheck other boxes if they are selected by default. Then click the DELETE button at the bottom of this window.


5. This will bounce you back to the Internet Options window. Click APPLY at the bottom of this window.


You should now be able to click the lecture link and view the lecture normally.

Still having problems?

Email the Instructional Design Studio (ids@udmercy.edu). Indicate the browser you’re using (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.), and the course and lecture that isn’t displaying.